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Jimmy Carter, former US president, enters hospice care

Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States, celebrated his 96th birthday on October 1st, 2020

Jimmy Carter, a former US President will end medical treatment and enter hospice care at his Georgia home.

This was announced by Carter’s foundation, The Carter Center on Saturday.

The Center said Mr Carter made the decision to spend time at home with his family but did not provide any other information.

Recent health problems for Mr. Carter, 98, included a melanoma that metastasized to his liver and brain.

He served as the US’s oldest living president from 1977 until 1981.

Terminally ill patients may seek hospice care instead of going through further medical treatment. The priority is not to provide further treatment, but to provide comfort towards the end of a patient’s life.

Writing by Adeniyi Bakare; Editing by Saadatu Albashir