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Five key determinants of Saturday’s voting pattern

Stakeholders at the Pre-election briefing and opening of the Election Analysis Center for CDD. Photo Credit: Julian Osamoto/Radio Nigeria

Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) has outlined five key issues, which would determine the voting patterns and the outcome of the 2023 elections.

Chairman of the Election Analysis Center (EAC) for CDD, Professor Adele Jinadu, listed the core issues at the opening of its (EAC) and pre-election press briefing in Abuja on Thursday, to includes;

  • Identity,
  • Insecurity,
  • Institutions,
  • Information disorder and
  • Inter and intra party squabbles.

According to Professor Jinadu, a total of 4,993 trained and accredited observers, data clerks and fact-checkers as well as social media monitors are already deployed to observe the proceedings of the Saturday and other elections.

CDD emphasized on insecurity as a critical issue, which could impact the conduct and outcome of elections.

“The six geopolitical zones of the country are confronted by insecurity, which has led to the deployment of the Nigerian military across the federation”.

Northern states are engulfed in long-standing violence with extremist jihadist groups, criminal bandit gangs, and other non-stated armed groups who are engaged in deadly attacks against local communities. In the south, civil unrest continues against the backdrop of ongoing violence between farmers and herders and secessionist agitators.”

“The situation is further complicated by fuel and currency scarcity which is increasing economic hardships on the masses”.He said.

The Center identified the role of institutions as being crucial to the conduct of a credible elections and urged political parties signing the National Peace Accord to abide by the rules.

According to Chris Pycooft, Nigerians should be able to cast their vote without fear, and candidates must be ready to accept the outcome of this election to overcome crises situation.

Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) representative, Chris Pycooft said credible and inclusive election remains fundamental to the continued growth of Nigeria’s democracy.

Reporting by Julian Osamoto; Editing by Chinasa Ossai & Adeniyi Bakare