2023 Election Headline News

CSO urges Nigerians to protect election integrity

Ready To Lead Stakeholders at the opening of 2023 election briefing. Photo Credit; Julian Osamoto/Radio Nigeria

A Civil Society Organisation, Ready to Lead Africa, wants citizens to own and protect the integrity of the 2023 General Election.

Global President of the organisation, Godbless Otubure made the call at a news conference and opening of the Octagon Situation Room for the 2023 elections in Abuja. 

Mr Otubure said the group established the ‘Follow the result “civic-tech app”, to promote electoral integrity and encourage citizens participation in the electoral process.

According to him, the app serves as a result platform. “It is a result platform  that both citizens and stakeholders within and outside Nigeria would be able to access  and follow simultaneously as results are being announced after the voting process,” he explained.

In less  than hours, the over 90 million Nigerians who are eligible to vote will march out en masse to elect their democratic president and the 10th assembly, a choice which will define Nigeria’s future,” he stated.

“It is absolutely crucial that citizens own and protect the integrity of the electoral process and hold government and politicians accountable,” he stressed.

Reporting by Julian Osamoto; Editing by Tony Okerafor