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UK, EU on new Brexit deal

The United Kingdom and the European Union appear to be on the brink of completing a new Brexit deal for Northern Ireland.

Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar said on Saturday that a deal was not yet done on the protocol but was inching towards a conclusion.

There had been plans for King Charles to meet the president of the European Commission in the UK on Saturday, the BBC said.

The anticipated encounter between the King and the head of the European Commission, first reported by Sky News, was unrelated to talks between the UK and the EU.

To make the timing of an announcement work at a place and time that is agreeable for both parties, the UK and the EU must coordinate their schedules.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly has meanwhile canceled a protracted-planned trip to the Middle East at the start of next week, heightening hopes that the UK and EU will make a formal statement within the next few days.