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Twitter lays off 200 more staff

Twitter has laid off at least 200 more staff in another round of cuts.

The tech giant had cut 10% of its current workforce, which it estimated at 2,000 people.

BBC reports that this is the latest round of job losses at Twitter since chief executive Elon Musk sacked about 50% of its 7,500 employees when he took over in October

As staff learned of their fate, Mr Musk tweeted: “Hope you have a good Sunday. First day of the rest of your life.”

Chief executive of Twitter Payments, Esther Crawford who oversaw the Twitter Blue verification subscription model, said she was “deeply proud of my team” in a tweet after being among those released.

And senior product manager Martijn de Kuijper, who founded newsletter tool Revue which Twitter acquired in 2021, said he found out he had lost his job after being locked out of his work emails.

It’s been a while since my phone blew up on a Sunday because of news about Twitter – not because there hasn’t been any, but because we’ve all got used to it.

More divisive user-experience changes to the platform, more provocative tweets from its owner Elon Musk… we are familiar with that drill.

 But nobody was expecting Esther Crawford, who had established herself as an influential figure in Twitter 2.0, to be laid off.

It demonstrates once again this new brutal environment in which even the most loyal are unprotected.

 It will be familiar to many in the commercial sector and it’s increasingly the way big tech is going as budgets start to bite.

Writing by Fany Olumoye; Editing by Abdullahi Lamino