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Global chipmaking giant to hire 6,000 employees

Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturing company (TSMC) plans to hire more than 6,000 young engineers this year.

The company is primarily interested in young engineers who have a junior specialist, bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree in electrical or software engineering.

It also plans to search for these professionals in all cities in Taiwan, while the wages of these new employees will not be low; a professional with a master’s degree can expect a starting salary of $65,578 per year.

President of TSMC Zhejia Wei,

said that the IT crisis has not affected the company at all.

According to forecasts, Many large companies operating in the IT sector are now conducting large-scale layoffs

“This year, the company will reduce capital expenditures from $36.3 billion to $32 billion

He added that companies such as Yahooo, for example, plans to cut more than 20% of its workforce.

Boeing, Meta, eBay, Zoom, PayPal, NetApp, and many other companies are also planning job cuts.

Writing by Onwurah Juliet; Editing by Julian Osamoto