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Japan forced to destroy new H3 rocket

Japan’s new H3 rocket self-destructs in space during failed launch. Photo Credit google

Japan’s second attempt to launch its next-generation H3 rocket has failed after liftoff, affecting the country’s space and national security programmes.

On Tuesday, engineers had aimed to send the 57m (187ft) rocket into space with a monitoring satellite on board.

Observers say it is a significant setback for Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency (Jaxa) led by Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

According to the government they tagged the test failure “extremely regrettable”.

The H3’s failure, coming three weeks after an aborted launch due to a separate glitch, was a setback for Japan’s space programme – and possibly for its missile detection programme.

Japan’s science minister Keiko Nagaoka has assured that authorities would conduct thorough investigation to find the cause of the engine failure.

She further apologised for failing to meet the expectations of the public, describing the development as a deep disappointment.

JAXA had planned to launch the H3 around six times a year for the next two decades, if mission was successful, they explained.

Writing Onwurah Juliet; Editing by Julian Osamoto