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Tiger Woods denies tenancy deal with ex-girlfriend

Photo: Fox News

Legal team for Tiger Woods have refuted claims by his ex-girlfriend, who is suing him, alleging that the duo had a deal that allowed her to share his Florida home with him.

Erica Herman is reportedly seeking $30m from a trust held by Mr Woods, because she claims she was tricked into packing for a vacation before being shut out.

The BBC reports that, a non-disclosure agreement she signed with the professional golfer in 2017 requires that any legal disputes be settled out of court.

She is trying to have that agreement cancelled by a court.

Ms Herman, who managed a restaurant owned by Mr Woods before their relationship began, has filed two lawsuits in Martin County, Florida.

She said that the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) signed by her is invalid because of a new federal law that limits the enforceability of NDAs in cases of sexual harassment or abuse.

She did not make such allegations in her lawsuit.

Writing by Muzha Kucha; Editing by Adeniyi Bakare