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INEC failed to meet expectations of PWDs on tools

The Albino Foundation TAF Africa, has faulted the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on the deployment of assistive tools during the 2023 State elections.

TAF AFRICA had expected that the provision of the Electoral Act mandating INEC to provide assistive tools for person’s with Disabilities (PWDs) at the polling units with registered PWDs would be sufficiently implemented.

Unfortunately, this obligation was treated with laxity in most of the PUs with registered PWDs; there by frustrating their participation in the electoral process,” a TAF Africa report said.

presenting the Post-election report in Abuja, TAF board member, Zainab Usman, stated that “the 2023 general election was ruined by the lack of transparency expected of a credible poll”.

Mrs Usman referred to what she described as “weak inclusivity and lack of restraint from political parties and their supporters, which led to violence at various PUs”.

Board Chair, TAF Africa, Vincent Anigbogu, stressed the need to investigate PUs that experienced violence and thuggery, with the aim of ensuring that justice was served by meting out punishment to perpetrators.

Mr Anigbogu called for audit of the distribution of assistive devices to ascertain what led to poor deployment to identified PUs with registered PWDs.

the group, however, commended Nigerians for the “appreciable turnout” during the elections despite scenes of sporadic violence and other lapses.

Reporting by Julian Osamoto; Editing by Tony Okerafor