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Good Friday: Living for the sake of others

Good Friday, is a day on which Christians around the world commemorate the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The day is observed on the Friday before Easter Sunday and is a significant event in the Christian faith as it marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the cross, over 2,000 years ago.

the day would ordinarily have been one for great mourning and lamentation, or a day never to recall, because of the grave injustice that was done to Jesus on Mount Calvary.

For believers however, the day is ironically observed as Good Friday, a day of celebration, because the death of Jesus Christ on this day has become the source of life and salvation for generations of believers who look up to Him.

It is ‘Good Friday’ for followers of Jesus Christ, because they are able to look in faith beyond the dark and gloomy events of that Friday, to anticipate and eventually embrace the joy of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Speaking on the ‘significance’ of the the day, two clergymen, Pastor Oyewole David and Reverend Gabriel Ologun, explained that Good Friday signifies the sacrificial love that Jesus showed by accepting to go through a humiliating death on the cross in atonement for sins, and for the salvation of mankind.

For Venerable Olugbenga Salako, Good Friday challenges adherents to take a cue from the sacrificial leadership offered by Jesus Christ – a leadership that is selfless, compassionate, just, loving and true.

A member of the catholic church, Mrs Rita Okonwko said Jesus death teaches the world humility, fortitude, sacrifice, justice, and true love urging people to learn from what Good Friday stands for.

Easter and its message cannot change. Easter is about the sacrifice, the selflessness of Jesus Christ, and a call to all who profess the faith to follow these virtues in their dealings with neighbors.

Christ’s sacrificial love for mankind, despite the power he has, yet agreed to lay down His life for Mankind, should challenge those who abuse their little powers, even those who claim to be Christians, not to ignore the tenets of Christianity.

It is important that leadership has real meaning with the next administration. Our next set of leaders must be ready to suffer with the people.

They must have a purposeful vision for Nigeria.

Reporting by Abiodun Akinluwa; Editing by Julian Osamoto