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Bayern’s Mane to apologise after punching sane

Sadio Mane & Leroy Sane after the incident on Tuesday.Photo/SkyNews.

Senegal international and Bayern Munich star, Sadio Mane is expected to apologise in front of his teammates after punching Leroy Sane in the face in Tuesday’s Champions League defeat at Manchester City.

Sky Germany reports that Sane’s lip was bleeding after the altercation and the two players needed to be separated by their fellow team-mates in the dressing room.

Bayern officials held a meeting on Wednesday to discuss possible punishment for Mane and, according to Sky Germany, among the sanctions considered were a fine, suspension, and even a parting of ways in the summer.

It was expected that Mane would apologise in front of the team during Thursday’s training session.

The pair were seen on the pitch arguing in the latter stages of the match on Tuesday night, when City was already 3-0 up at the Etihad Stadium in the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final encounter.

After landing back in Munich, Mane, who was a substitute for the tie, took the team bus from the airport while Sane was picked up privately.

Sane was pictured appearing to hide his bottom lip from cameras as he returned to Munich.

Bayern Munich have so far not commented on the incident.

Writing by Tersoo Nicholas; Editing by Tony Okerafor