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Over 50 civilians killed in Sudan power tussle

More than 50 civilians have been reportedly killed in a power struggle between the army and a paramilitary force in Sudan. 

The BBC reports that residents dodged gunfire in the capital, Khartoum, as rival forces battled over the presidential palace, state TV, and army headquarters.  

According to a doctor’s organisation, twenty-five people, including 17 civilians have died in the city.

On Saturday, Sudan’s main paramilitary group, Rapid Support Forces, RSF said it had seized the presidential palace, the army chief’s residence and Khartoum international airport.

The military have however said it would fight back and have taken over some bases of the paramilitary.

Media reports say major confrontation between the Rapid Support Forces, RSF and the army could plunge Sudan into widespread conflict as it could affect elections moves.

The clashes follow rising tensions between the army and the RSF over the RSF’s integration into the military, and who should oversee the process.

It is unclear what led to the offences on Saturday, but the Rapid Support Forces had accused the army of carrying out the first attack.

Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates has called for dialogue and urged all parties to exercise restraint, de-escalate and work towards ending the crisis.

Editing by Marian Benjamin,Annabel Nwachukwu