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Stakeholders seek support for green culture

ActionAid in partnership with Global Platform and Activista Nigeria, has launched a “Go Green Campaign, sensitizing the youth on climate change resilience and preserve the environment against hazards.

The Go Green Campaign is one in which young people will be engaged to become a part of the bigger picture by taking steps to support afforestation, and environmental protection as it marks the World health day.

Addressing Journalists after the sensitization in Abuja, Director of Programmes, Action Aid Nigeria, Suwaiba Dankabo, disclosed that the overall objective of the activity was to commemorate 2023 Earth Day with the Launch of Green Friday Initiative.

She explained that creating awareness about climate change issues, highlighting young people’s roles and how they can actively involve in mitigating the impact of climate change in the country.

Suwaiba said that climate justice means that government takes into account the adaptation processes, Nigeria’s preparedness to support people impacted by the climate, the shortages in the level of productivity, due to the change in the environment as it affects to them”.

“People need to be enlightened so they can put into practice the adaptation processes, that has to do with how they have been coping before and what they need to do more in getting a better ecology, people need to understand that, the justice bit of it comes from the responsibilities of duty bearers.” She said.

Suwaiba mentioned that, ‘This kind of discussion helps in making people to understand how to play their roles in environmental issues, creating their adaptation path and demanding from the government. Part of the adaptations includes; agricultural practices, making farming more integrated and more diversified”. She added.

Contributing, the Programme Advisor, Blessing Ifemenam, said the launch of the Go Green was meant to draw attention and create awareness about the impact of climate change and also the role of young people in achieving climate justice.

In her word “As part of the work we do especially with young people, we have a lot of intervention around climate change and climate justice issues and we know climate change is all that is happening across the world, so today we are drawing attention about the impact of climate change.”

Speaking on behalf of other participants, Emmanuel Orinya said, “With the situation of the country, the flooding, it is an opportunity to learn and With this knowledge, I will take it down to my community, so we can begin to tackle global warming, making the environment safe.” He stated.

Reporting by Julian Osamoto; Editing by Adeniyi Bakare