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Nigerian workers need to adapt to new realities

Nigeria’s economy is anticipated to experience some difficulties with the unavoidable withdrawal of fuel subsidies. For Nigerian workers to increase their income, it is essential that they change their attitudes and improve their abilities.

In the current economic climate, reliance on traditional methods of earning a livelihood may no longer suffice, and adaptability is more crucial than ever.

The way we work and connect with the world around us has been revolutionised by technology in the modern day, therefore Nigerian workers who embrace these changes and pick up new skills will be better positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that come with technological growth.

They can access new job prospects, business opportunities, and other revenue streams by diversifying their skill set.

Technology adoption and skill development not only boost potential earnings but also boost Nigerian workers’ competitiveness in the international labour market.

People who can’t adapt to the rapidly changing world risk falling behind.

Although the removal of fuel subsidies may lead to some short-term financial difficulties, it also gives workers the chance to expand their horizons and look into alternative sources of income.

This new policy ought to act as a reminder to Nigerian workers to upgrade their skills and adopt cutting-edge technology.

They will be better able to handle the shifting economic environment and seize possibilities for themselves.

It is time to change and get ready for the workplace of the future.

writing by Saadatu Albashir