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Police teargas May Day protesters in France

The city of Nantes also experienced violent protests. Photo: BBC

Interior Ministry says at least 108 police officers have been hurt in conflicts with protestors opposed to pension reforms across France.

Gerald Darmanin disclosed that 291 people had been taken into custody during the unrest and stating that it was exceedingly unusual for there to be so many police officers injured.

Participating in May Day protests against President Emmanuel Macron’s measures were hundreds of thousands.

The majority were peaceful, although extremist elements let off fireworks and petrol bombs.

Police responded with tear gas and water cannon, It is not clear how many protesters have been injured.

This is the latest day of mass action against changes that raise the state pension age from 62 to 64. The unions want the measures withdrawn.

The Interior Ministry put the overall number of demonstrators at 782,000, including 112,000 in the capital Paris, but the CGT union say the figure is three times that number.

One police officer in Paris was wounded by a petrol bomb, which resulted in severe burns to his hands and face.

In addition to Marseille, violence also broke out in Lyons and Nantes, and there were rumors that protestors briefly took over a posh hotel there.

Writing by Adeniyi Bakare; Editing by Julian Osamoto