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SEC blacklists illegal investment platforms

The Securities and Exchange Commission says it has blacklisted six online trading platforms and unregistered firms, offering illegal investment and finance services.

In a circular made available on Monday, the commission says that the blacklisted firms were not registered with it and thus unauthorised to carry out such investment services.

“The blacklisted firms include Prime Invest and “Primeinv.co, FXBoxed, New Finance LLC and New Fx Limited, Axi24, Evolve Consulting LCC and Trust Fund- Mining Global Pty Limited.”

“The Commission’s attention was drawn to the listed e-commerce companies and their websites offering online trading platforms to the investing public.

The commission had also urge members of the public to be cautious in dealing with the blacklisted firms.

The SEC had earlier warned the public against patronising a set of firms blacklisted by Italy’s securities regulator, Commissione Nazionale per le Soecieta’ e la Borsa(CONSOB).

CONSOB blacklisted five additional e-commerce websites for offering unauthorised and fraudulent financial services.

The blacklisted websites included CMS or capmarketstrategy.co, Bitsterzio, Invest Atlas, Ether-Arena Limited and Ether-Arena Limited operating under veneab.co.

CONSOB had ordered internet service providers operating in Italy to block public access to the blacklisted websites and called on prospective investors to adopt the greatest diligence in making investment choices.

Writing by Julian Osamoto; Editing by Adeniyi Bakare