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Human Right Violation: Another report incriminates military

The Secretary of the Panel Mr Hilary Ogbonna. Photo:Tanimu Salihu/Radio Nigeria

An International News Agency Reuters, has again released another report of alleged human rights violation by Nigeria Military in their counter insurgency operation in the North East.

The Secretary, Special Independent Investigative Panel on Human Rights Violations in the counter Insurgency Operations in the North East, Mr. Hillary Ogbonna, stated this in Abuja in the ongoing investigation by panel.

According to the Panel, the report which was the follow up to the first reports released by Reuters last year December was released on the 19th of April and was named abortion assault two.

Mr. Hillary explained that the report highlighted how Reuters arrived at their publications and the allegations against the Nigeria Military in their counter insurgency operations in the North East.

He said according to the report, forty soldiers, most of whom were officers, were interviewed by Reuters in the course of the reports.

December last year, Reuters published reports alleging abortion of ten thousand Pregnancies, infanticide and other forms of Sexual and Gender Based Violence against the Nigeria Military but the military has since denied the allegations saying it was a deliberate attempt to rubbish the counter insurgency operation.

Meanwhile the Panel in the course of investigations so far has taken testimonies from eighty-four witnesses.

Reporting by Tanimu Salihu;Editing by Fany Olumoye