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RSF responsible for atrocities in Sudan – Ambassador

Sudan Ambassador to Nigeria, Mohammed Yusuf AbdelMannan. Photo: Hamza Alkali/Radio Nigeria.

The Sudan Ambassador to Nigeria, Mohammed Yusuf AbdelMannan has called on the international community to hold the Rapid Support Forces RSF in the country, responsible for the atrocities committed in the country.

Ambassador Abdulmannan who made the call in Abuja while briefing journalists on the current war situation in Sudan, alleged that the RSF was responsible for the attack on Diplomatic missions as well as evacuation convoys of many countries.

He said the action of the RSF showed their lack of understanding of international engagements in situations of war.

The Ambassador said there were negotiation moves initiated by the regional bodies which the RSF refused to honour, an indication that the group was not willing to embrace peace.

He urged the international community to declare the RSF a terrorist group, saying they have now resulted to looting and brigandage in the streets of Khartoum.

The Sudan Ambassador expressed appreciation to all countries and international bodies making efforts to ensure that a truce is reached.

On the negotiations facilitated by the the United States and Saudi Arabia, he said there was no known outcome yet.

Reporting by Hamza Alkali; Editing by Chinasa Ossai