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Broadcasters converge to maximise digital space opportunities

Participants at the 14th Annual Conference of the African Union of Broadcasters. Photo: Victorson Agbenson/Radio Nigeria.

African broadcasters from across the continent have gathered in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city, for the 14th Annual Conference of the African Union of Broadcasters (AUB).

The conference aims to address the challenges of digitisation and explore ways to maximize the opportunities presented by the digital space.

Despite investing in the process, Africa has been perceived to be lagging behind in the realm of digitisation.

The AUB has taken the initiative to bring together industry professionals to brainstorm and find solutions, ensuring that Africa changes the narrative of digital communication.

During the conference, Dr Garba Abari, the representative of Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture, highlighted the importance of fighting digital stereotypes against Africa.

Abari, who is the Director General, National Orientation Agency, said Nigeria will collaborate with the AUB and other stakeholders to address this issue.

Nigeria aims to play an active role in reshaping the perception of Africa in the digital realm, he said.

Radio Nigeria and Nigerian Television Authority Strengthen AUB

Dr Abari also commended the “significant contributions of Radio Nigeria and the Nigerian Television Authority in strengthening the African Union of Broadcasters”.

“Both broadcasting entities have been instrumental in promoting the objectives of the AUB, advocating for change, and representing the African continent on the global stage. Their efforts have helped foster stronger ties among African broadcasters and enhance the digital landscape for the benefit of all.”

Embracing the Demands of the Digital Age

Mr Arthur Asiimwe, the President of the AUB, expressed his dissatisfaction with Africa’s lag in the new digital communication environment.

He urged broadcasters across the continent to align themselves with the demands of their audiences.

Recognizing that the world was undergoing a digital transformation, Mr Asiimwe emphasized the need for African broadcasters to adapt and embrace the opportunities and challenges presented by this changing landscape.

The Theme: Digital Transformation and Its Impact on African Broadcasting

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘The Digital Transformation of the World: Impact and Challenges for African Broadcasting.’ It reflects the urgent need for African broadcasters to recognize and harness the power of digital technologies.

Reporting by Lamino Abdulahi and Victorson Agbenson; Editing by Chinasa Ossai and Annabel Nwachukwu