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Hilda Baci cook-a-thon uniting Nigeria

Hilda Bassey during the cooking marathon. Photo: Archive/Radio Nigeria.

On Thursday, 11th May by 4pm, a 27-year-old talented Nigerian lady who hails from the southern part of the country embarked on a four-day cooking marathon of an individual, to break the already exiting world record of 87 hours, 45min in 2019 set by an Indian lady, Lata Tondon.

The young lady, Hilda Bassey intended creating her own record of 96hours to emerge the world champion in the cooking spree which will give her a position in the world Guinness book of record.

Luckily, she broke the old record on Monday the 15th of May by 7:46 am and set a new one when she completed the 100 hours marathon cooking which she termed cook-a-thon.

The chef showcased culinary skills using various local and international recipes putting the Nigerian Image in the global culinary map.

Uniting Nigeria

As much as the feat is encouraging, there are lessons to learn from it. One thing was clear as the cooking marathon was on, Nigerians are united.

Social media platforms were awash with moral, psychological, and spiritual supports for Hilda.  Nigerians threw away, tribe, religion, party and culture affiliations and rooted for their own. Judging from the live videos in circulation, was that of tremendous support as Nigerians from all walks of live trooped to the venue to encourage her, even to the point that a service was held on Sunday at the venue.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State who could no longer hold his joy visited the venue to identify with the young lady who was not only determined to make a name for herself globally but also the country and Africa at large.

Nigerian Musicians were not left out, as they performed live at the venue just to boost the morale of the lady chef. She also received several telephone calls from well meaning Nigerians, including Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

It was not surprising, when the former holder of the record from India twitted to congratulate the Nigerian chef on her cooking journey.

The unity the event had brought to the country was quite encouraging. It depicts that Nigerians love and care for each other.

Unfortunately, they allow themselves to be used by politicians to instigate enmity through divide and rule for their selfish interest.

This can be corrected if only the citizens speak with one voice and desist from sabotaging efforts to unite the country.

Global recognition

The feat by Hilda Bassey will in no small measure help clear to an extent, the poor image of Nigeria in the global space. It will bring many deals, endorsement, and fame not just for herself but for the country.

While some Nigerians are out there tarnishing the image of the country, some are making efforts to portray the country in a good light.

Now that a new record has been set, and as expected, the internet will in the coming days be flooded with the latest world Guinness book of record holder in Marathon cooking, it is expected that the unity, love, peace, tolerance, and perseverance exhibited by Nigerians during the marathon cooking should continue.

Young Nigerians should learn to be focused and have the knowledge, that determination is the key that opens the doors of success.

With more positive energies such as the one displayed by Hilda Bassey, Nigerians will be more united and reckoned among the comity of nations.

Writing by Obumnaeme Ukeje; Editing by Chinasa Ossai and Annabel Nwachukwu