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World’s oldest bible sold for over $38m

World’s oldest Bible, Codex Sassoon

Photo: dailybeast.com

The world’s oldest Bible, Codex Sassoon written in Hebrew has been sold for $38.1m in New York thereby setting a record for the most valuable manuscript ever auctioned.

The Bible is said to have dated to the late ninth to early 10th century.

In a statement, the auction house, Sotheby said it was auctioned after four-minute bidding battle between two bidders.

According to the statement, a US diplomat Alfred Moses bought the Sassoon on behalf of an American nonprofit that will gift it to the ANU Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The US Diplomat who bought the Bible, Alfred Moses described Sassoon as the most influential book in history and bedrock of Western civilization.

Writing by Oluwaseyi Ajibade