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UK to ban Nigerian Students from bringing families

photo of students studying in UK

The United Kingdom government is planning to stop Nigerian students and other foreign students from bringing their families to the country.

The move was to curb the rising influx of migrants as official figures for net migration climbed a staggering one million.

.An announcement for the ban is set to be made on Tuesday or Wednesday, according to The Sun UK.

All students enrolling for Master’s degrees and other postgraduate degrees would be impacted by the ban as they would no longer be permitted to bring their families to the UK.

Ph.D students deemed to be highly skilled would, however, be exempted from the ban.

Foreign students brought 135,788 relatives to the UK in 2022, nine times as many as in 2019.

More than 59,000 Nigerian students arrived in 2022 with about 61,000 family members.

Writing by Julian Osamoto