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Foundation sensitizes students on menstrual hygiene

Some students of the Abuja School for the Deaf, Kuje displaying sanitary pads given to them to commemorate Menstrual Hygiene Day. Photo: Azizatu Sanni/Radio Nigeria

Over I00 girls with hearing impairment have sustained improved attendance in school due to the constant use of sanitary pads and better education on proper menstrual hygiene management.

The Programs Manager of an NGO Tabitha Cumi Foundation, Nendi Ohah stated this at the Abuja School for the Deaf Kuje as part of events to commemorate the 2023 Menstrual Hygiene Management Day.

She explained that the “Always Keeping Girls in school program” had made tremendous impact in educating vulnerable girls and their parents on the effective use of sanitary products as well as encouraged boys to support girls during their menstrual cycle.

“Girls will be absent from classroom and they would make excuses stating that they are not feeling well meanwhile just because they are on their menstruation. So it has made girls to know that menstruation is a normal thing and it shouldn’t stop girls from going to the classroom. And we have also been able to create awareness not just to the girls alone but even to the boys in the school to able to support girls during menstruation.” She said

The Deputy Director Gender, Universal Basic Education Board FCT, Hajara Ahmed said the board had trained desk officers to educate schoolgirls on how to produce reusable pads to improve girls’ attendance in school.

The Principal Administration, Abuja School for the Deaf, Bamidele Olayitan said the girls were better equipped with the knowledge of menstrual hygiene to take care of themselves and make decisions regarding their bodies.

“With the knowledge they have acquired so far in the past one year, they can live on their own. The time and the period of their menstruation, they can calculate on their own. And with that, during the PTA of the school, What we have learnt we try to transfer it to the parents by advising them to be so close to their children whenever they are on break or at home, and we this we have seen some drastic change in their appearance monthly.” He said

The Assistant Chief Program Officer, National Orientation Agency, Oby Ikechere said the agency was sensitizing both boys and girls to change the misconceptions about menstruation.

Reporting by Azizatu Sanni; Editing by Oluwaseyi Ajibade and Annabel Nwachukwu