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Institute advocates more campaign on waste management

Illegal waste dump site.Photo:Daniel Karlmax/Radio Nigeria

African Institute of waste management and Environmental Studies (AIWMES) says massive awareness to mitigate flood and other environmental challenges is key to safeguarding the environment against degradation.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Register General of the Institute, Dr Ahmed Lateef Tayo stressed the need for collaborative efforts towards saving lives and property during the raining season.

It also emphasized the need for the African continent and Nigeria in particular to be proactive in waste management during the rainy season, saying it is crucial in preventing pollution and maintaining the health of people and aquatic lives.

According to the statement, proper waste disposal to designated collection points will prevent waste from accumulating and causing blockages in drainage system and minimize the risk of subsequent flooding.

Dr Lateef Tayo stressed the need for constant environmental and educational campaigns to inform communities about the environmental consequences of improper waste disposal during the rainy season that would lead to behavioural change and responsible waste management practices.

He also pointed out the need for monitoring mechanisms to track waste management practices, enforce regulations and penalties for defaulters.

This the statement said would minimize the negative impacts of waste on waterways during the rainy season, reduce pollution and safeguard the health and well-being of communities that rely on water resources for survival.

Reporting by Daniel Karlmax; Editing by Annabel Nwachukwu