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UAE tests rain technology in desert

Photo illustration of Cloud Seeding. Photo credit: Wikipedia

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), has successfully tested fake rain technology In the desert at 50°C.

A report by a business insider says that to fight the 50-degree heat, the UAE plans to employ drones to make it rain.

This method is known as “cloud seeding”. The UAE has used drones that strike clouds with an electric current, which provokes their collision and precipitation.

Cloud seeding is a weather modification technique that improves a cloud’s ability to produce rain or snow by introducing tiny ice nuclei into certain types of subfreezing clouds.

These nuclei provide a base for snowflakes to form.

Self Sufficient

The UAE’s cloud-seeding programme aims to ensure water security, provide more rain for crops, and help the UAE become more self-sufficient, in an arid climate.

This is how fast scientists are moving using artificial Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Writing by Julian Osamoto