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Widows call for Commission to address plights

The Chairperson Widows Needs-Relief Advocates Association Mrs Nkechi Ohiri with other widows. Photo: Tanimu Salihu/Radio Nigeria

Nigerian Widows have advocated the establishment of Widows’ Commission to take care of widow’s plights in Nigeria.

At an event in Abuja to mark this year’s International Day of Widows, the Chairperson, Widows Needs-Relief Advocates Association, Mrs. Nkechi Ohiri, lamented that Nigerian Widows are neglected and sometimes subjected to all forms of harassment by the relatives of their husbands.

Mrs. Ohiri emphasized that if a commission is established, it would help reduced challenges confronting the widows in Nigeria.

The Chairperson of the group explained that several NGOs have been created by some individuals and groups to scam people in the name of helping the widows.

The FCT Coordinator of the Association Salome Idowu, urged for empowerment of Nigerian widows to enable them to be self-reliant to cater for their children.

The group also called for strict laws that will protect the rights of the widows and their children.

Reporting by Tanimu Salihu, Editing by Chinasa Ossai