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BBC Presenter accused of paying teen for explicit images

An unnamed BBC presenter has been accused of paying a teenager in exchange for explicit pictures according to The Sun, newspaper.

The newspaper reported that the male presenter had paid the alleged victim tens of thousands of pounds since she was 17.

The Sun said on May 19 the girl’s family had filed a complaint to the BBC but to their frustrated the Presenter still remained on air.

The family therefore approached the newspaper, but said they wanted no payment for the story.

The mother told the paper that the victim, now aged 20, had used the money from the presenter to fund a crack cocaine habit.

According to her, within three years her child had gone from a “happy-go-lucky youngster to a ghost-like crack addict”.

Meanwhile, the BBC has said it was looking into the allegations, and that the star was currently not scheduled to be on air in the coming days.

The corporation said the information would be “acted upon appropriately.

Writing by Hadiza Abdulrahman; Editing by Annabel Nwachukwu