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The Weeknd surpasses Michael Jackson for highest-grossing tour by black artist

The Weekend one of the world’s record breaking artists. Photo:BBC

Abel Makkonen, also known as The Weekend, a black Canadian performer, has established a new touring record.

According to Business Media platform Wealth, The Weeknd’s “After Hours Till Dawn Stadium Tour” beat Michael Jackson’s 1987 “Bad Tour,” which grossed over $350 million after filling several stadiums across the world.

He released his fourth album “After Hours” which featured most of his successful hit songs like “Save Your Tears,” “After Hours,” “Heartless,” and many others

The four-time Grammy winner acknowledged this accomplishment by uploading a video of himself recreating Michael Jackson’s 1988 hit “Dirty Diana” at a concert in Belgium describing Jackson as his King.

The Weekend is one of the world’s record breaking artists with 106 million listener on Spotify and his hit single “Blinding Lights” most streamed with over 3.8 billion streams.

Writing by Juliet Onwurah; Editing by Adeniyi Bakare