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Court convicts brussels bombers seven years after attack

The convicts and security at the court. Photo: Reuters.

A court in Brussels has found six men guilty of terrorist murder, more than seven years after suicide bomb attacks killed 32 people at the city’s airport and a metro station in March 2016.

After a long trial and 19 days of jury deliberations, the court in Brussels returned their verdicts.

Several of those on trial had already been convicted of taking part in the Paris terror attacks months earlier.

Salah Abdeslam was arrested days before the Brussels bombings.

He was found guilty in France last year of the 2015 Paris bomb and gun attacks in which 130 person’s died.

The Belgian trial, which began last December, has now convicted him of murder and attempted murder in Brussels too.

BBC reports that those now found guilty of both bombings, are Mohamed Abrini, who was identified on CCTV fleeing Zaventem airport when his explosives did not go off.

He became known as the “man in the hat” and was among a number of suspects arrested in Brussels a few weeks later.

Four other men were found guilty of terrorist murder: Oussama Atar, Osama Krayem, Ali El Haddad Asufi and Bilal El Makhoukhi.

Osama Krayem had been seen with the Metro bomber who blew himself up at Maelbeek. But Aftar, a Belgian-Moroccan jihadist thought to have planned the Paris attacks from Syria, was tried in absentia and is believed to have died in Syria.

The attacks in Brussels took place within an hour of each other on 22 March 2016.

Writing by Chinasa Ossai; editing by Julian Osamoto