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NIS blames criminal activities on immigrants

Comptroller of NIS,Kwara state command, Aminu Shamsuddin left inspecting guards of honour during the 60th anniversary of the service in Ilorin. Photo: Ali Rabiu/Radio Nigeria

The Kwara State Comptroller of Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), Aminu Shamsuddin says illegal immigrants are behind most criminal activities being perpetrated in the country.

Comptroller Shamsuddin told journalists in Ilorin during the 60th anniversary of the Service that the country was surrounded by francophone countries, whose nationals desperately love to stay in Nigeria.

He said the immigrants were desperate to live in Nigeria due to socioeconomic hardship in their countries, adding that NIS had to take extra measures to scrutinize and check every immigrant before entry.

Comptroller Shamsuddin noted that the processes of scrutiny sometimes make issuance of international passport take some time.

Reporting by By Ali Rabiu; Editing by Omolola Ameen and Annabel Nwachukwu