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Ukrainian drone attack damages Russian tanker

Russian An oil tanker was damaged in a Ukrainian drone attack in the Kerch Strait in Crimea, Russian officials have said.

The attack comes one day after a strike on a nearby naval ship.

The strike created a hole in the vessel’s engine-room at the waterline on the starboard side, forcing the 11-strong crew to fight the water intake, Russian authorities had said.

No casualties were reported and the Sig was not carrying oil when the drone crashed into the ship, Russia’s Federal Agency for Marine and River Transport said.

A Reuters report on Saturday cited a Ukrainian intelligence official as confirming that Kyiv’s military and intelligence agency were involved in the attack, and that the drone was carrying 450 kilograms (about 990 pounds) of explosives.

Ukrainian officials, however, said some crew were injured and the tanker was carrying fuel for the Russian military.

Naval drones are small, unmanned vessels which operate on or below the water’s surface.

Kyiv has vowed to continue targeting the bridge and ships navigating Ukrainian territorial waters, even if they are controlled by Russia.

The head of the Ukrainian Security Service, Vasyl Maliuk, called such attacks “absolutely logical and effective”.

He said if the Russians wanted such incidents to stop, “they have the only option to do so – to leave the territorial waters of Ukraine and our land.”

Ukraine’s State Hydrological Service also warned ships against using several Russian ports due to the war.

Writing by Julian Osamoto; Editing by Tony Okerafor