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Libyans protest alleged talks with Israel

The protesters burn tyres and wave the Palestinian flag as a sign of displeasure about talks with Israel. Photo: BBC

Protest erupted in Tripoli and other suburbs in Libya after reports emerged that its Foreign Minister, Najla al-Mangoush held a talk with its Israeli counterpart.

The Prime Minister of Libya, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah suspended his foreign minister following the uproar of protestant, saying she is subject to an administrative investigation.

Libya’s foreign ministry said Ms Mangoush had rejected a meeting with representatives from Israel and has described the meeting with Israeli foreign minister Eli Cohen as a “chance and unofficial encounter.”

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen had earlier said the meeting was historic as they discussed the great potential for the relations between Israel and Libya at a meeting in Rome hosted by Italian foreign minister.

However, Libya had counted the statement, pointing out that the interaction did not include any discussions, agreements or consultations”.

The Prime Minister in a statement had reiterated ” Libya’s position regarding the Palestinian cause”.

Writing by Juliet Onwurah; Editing by Annabel Nwachukwu