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Dutch Groups sue Google over alleged violation of privacy

More than 82,000 consumers have already joined the claim against Google. Photo: FRCN, Archive 

The Dutch consumers Association “Consumentenbond” and the Privacy Protection Foundation have issued legal proceedings against Google for alleged large-scale privacy violations.

The companies alleged in a statement on Tuesday that Google violated Dutch and European privacy laws, seeking an end to the company’s pervasive data collection and demanding compensation for users.

The group said all discussions with Google was fruitless.

“It is now up to the courts to intervene,” the statement added.

According to reuters, the groups demanded that Google, part of Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O), stops its constant surveillance and sharing of personal data through online advertising auctions and that it pays 750 euros ($804) in damages “for every consumer who has used Google”.

In their allegations, Google shares comprehensive profiles and data of users without consent.

There are also concerns regarding Google’s data transfer to countries outside Europe, potentially subjecting Dutch users to foreign government surveillance.

The statement said 82,000 people had so far joined the claim for damages since the groups announced the action in May 2023.

Writing by Omolola Ameen; Editing by Adeniyi Bakare and Tony Okerafor