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Over 75 crocodile escapes from farm in China

An adult crocodile weighs approximately 75kg and is measured above 2m long. Photo: Daily Sun

Over 75 crocodiles have escaped from their breeding farm in China after heavy flooding caused by Typhoon Haikui hit the region.

Chinese authorities made the report, stating that around 75 crocodiles made their way through a lake in Maoming, Guangdong province, which overflowed.

Although no casualties have been reported, Maoming’s Emergency Management Bureau has confirmed that 69 adult and six juvenile crocodiles are still in the deep water.

Some have been recaptured and most have been shot dead for safety reasons, a firefighter told Chinese media

While the search operation is still being carried out, authorities have urged residents to stay at home.

The Typhoon Haikui has cut across south Asia over a week, affecting China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan, and has claimed lives.

Crocodile farms are commonly seen at Maoming in Guangdong province where they are bred for their skin and as meat.

Writing by Juliet Onwurah; Editing by Julian Osamoto