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Tinubu establishes farmers-herdsmen committee

President Tinubu told that the Committee to recommendations aimed at fostering a peaceful co-existence between herders and farmers while ensuring the security and economic well-being of Nigerians.

President Bola Tinubu has approved the establishment of a Presidential Committee dedicated to the reform of the livestock industry and the provision of long-term solutions to recurring clashes between herders and farmers in the country.

The President made the announcement in Abuja, after receiving the National Conference on Livestock Reforms and Mitigation of Associated Conflicts in Nigeria.

The Conference was convened by the former Governor of Kano State and National Chairman of the APC, Dr. Umar Abdullahi Ganduje.

The President told that the Committee to collaborate with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, and propose recommendations aimed at fostering a peaceful co-existence between herders and farmers while ensuring the security and economic well-being of Nigerians.

“The Federal Government is fully prepared to cover the cost of acquiring the land. These opportunities will provide gainful employment for our veterinary doctors, while opening doors for the private sector as the provision of new educational opportunities for herders’ and their children emerge. Medical facilities will be established. This is a life-changing opportunity that we have.

“Imagine us producing enough milk for our school children. Imagine us becoming net exporters of cheese and yoghurt. Imagine us producing the skin massively with a major Nigerian leather industry. Imagine us providing cold storage facilities and employment across the nation. These things are possible in front of us,” the President charged.

President Tinubu commended Ganduje for assembling the best minds and experts to find solution to the perennial issues between pastoralists and farmers.

He commended the committee members for their diligent work in examining the complex issues relating to livestock management, land use, and security.

Dr. Ganduje recalled that during his tenure as the Governor of Kano State, he hosted the National Conference as part of a deliberate effort to promote the modernisation of livestock production, while strengthening the capacity of local authorities to manage relationships and amicably resolve conflicts between herders and farmers.

He noted that Kano had remained one of the most peaceful states in the country throughout his eight years in office.

“Mr. President, I am convinced that the Report submitted here today has the antidote to the problems of the livestock industry. It addresses the key reforms and presents various development options required for the sustainable development of the sector.

“The implementation of the proposals will enhance productivity, improve livelihoods, promote environmental conservation, address substantial causes of conflicts between farmers and pastoralists, and help in reducing the cost of importation for animal products like milk and beef,” the Convener noted.

Reporting by Abdullah Bello, editing by Daniel Adejo