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Several wildfire break out again in Algeria

Bejaïa forest burns again. Photo: Africanews

Emergency crews have begun work to extinguish several wildfires that have broken out in Algeria’s northeastern Bejaia and Tizi-Ouzou provinces.

Africa news report that the fire is now gaining strength and threatening hamlets.

The same region was devastated last July by huge forest fires, which claimed around thirty lives.

There are no reports of fatalities or property damage for the present fires; however, responders warn that the blazes are spreading quickly due to strong winds.

Authorities have also warned high temperatures may persist in the affected area over the weekend, and the hot and dry conditions are likely to further wildfire growth.

This summer, Northern Algeria experienced a record heatwave, with temperatures reaching 48C.

The World Meteorological Organization says extreme weather patterns being experienced across the world highlight the need for greater climate action.

Writing by Abdullahi Lamino