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UNICAL sex scandal: Minister pledges to uphold women’s right

The minister for women’s affairs Mrs. Uju Kennedy Ohanenye, has reaffirmed her commitment to defending and advancing the welfare and rights of Nigerian women, including the pursuit of justice when such rights were infringed upon.

In a statement, The Minister emphasizes her unwavering dedication to upholding due diligence and the rule of law, recognizing that justice and fairness are the fundamental principles upon which equitable societies are built.

The declaration, according to the statement, was made in response to the ongoing controversy at the University of Calabar concerning Prof. Cyril Ndifon, Dean of the Faculty of Law, and allegations of sexual harassment made against him.

The minister declares her determination to consistently fight for justice and the wellbeing of Nigerian women.

She further urged Nigerian women to work together “to actualize the dream of a country where women’s rights are respected and protected, and where young girls feel safe in institutions of learning.”

Writing by Azizatu Sani; Editing by Jennifer Ogor