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Burkina Faso junta foils counter-coup attempt

Burkina Faso’s intelligence services alleged that the coup plotters planned to hinder the people’s sojourn to sovereignty and total liberation. Photo: Capt Ibrahim Traore/X

The Military government in Burkina Faso said its security and intelligence services foiled a coup attempt in that country on Tuesday.

The transitional government made the announcement on Wednesday and said some persons have been arrested in connection to the foiled coup and more persons related to the issue would be arrested.

According to the Military Junta, the plan of the coup plotters was to destabilize the country and throw it into chaos.

Few hours before the failed coup, the Head of the Transitional Government, Capt Ibrahim Traore had notified the citizens that he was ready and determined to safely lead the transition, stating that the elections would be held in July 2024

Capt Traore had taken over power in Ouagadougou a year ago, after two military coups in eight months.

Writing by Oluwaseyi Ajibade; editing by Daniel Adejo