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Fame: Pain that accompanies the glory

In the enchanting realm of dreams, where the young and old yearn to dance in the limelight, lies an eternal desire—to be celebrated, to be revered, to be the protagonist of one’s own story.

The allure of celebrity, with its glory that shimmers like stardust, captivates the hearts and souls of many.

The allure of fame

In the realm where fame intertwines with fortune, the allure is undeniable, and the treasures seem boundless.

Wealth, recognition, influence, and doors to uncharted opportunities beckon like sirens in the night. Yet, beneath the radiant surface, the path to total success remains labyrinthine and uncertain.

In this age of social media, reality TV, and the ever-evolving entertainment industries, their visibility has ascended to unprecedented heights.

In Nigeria, the stage is adorned with TikTok luminaries, amassing millions of devoted followers and stars born from the likes of Big Brother Naija.

Their fame transcends borders, echoing across the global stage.

Artists like the Nigerian sensation, Portable, boldly trumpet their musical journey and the radiance of their fame. Yet, their lives unfold under the relentless scrutiny of a watchful public eye, where every gesture, utterance, and choice becomes fodder for the media’s insatiable appetite.

The rise of social media, a double-edged sword, bears a profound psychological burden for those who dare to be visible.

The shadows that follow this luminosity manifest as cyberbullying and invasions of privacy, as if the weight of followership and wealth should shield them from the darkest corners of the soul.

Who could fathom that amidst the adoration and opulence, the spectre of depression could cast its chilling veil? What hidden demons lurk beneath the veneer of smiles and success?

Across the ocean, Selena Gomez, the American songbird whose Instagram following rivals the constellations, has weathered her share of storms. (@SelenaGomez) In an intimate conversation with Vogue magazine, she unveiled the harrowing truth that lay behind her digital crown. As she ascended to the pinnacle of Instagram’s hierarchy, panic enveloped her.

In this labyrinthine journey of celebrities, the line between brilliance and shadows is as fine as gossamer. Their lives, lived under the glare of the spotlight, remind us that even the brightest stars can be touched by the coldest of nights.

Mental Health Struggles

Many celebrities struggle with mental health conditions like addiction, depression, and anxiety. These difficulties are usually worsened by the pressure to keep up a flawless appearance and meet the demands of fans.

These struggles have led some to substance misuse and, in some cases, suicide.

K-pop artists like Kim Jong-hyun, popular among the SHINee group, Sulli, and Kara are among the few celebrities who committed suicide.

Also in Nigeria, some celebrities have admitted suffering from depression and mental illness.

 The Price of Fame

Celebrities often forfeit their right to privacy. Most of them experience a sense of vulnerability and exposure as a result of overbearing paparazzi, interviews, and constant public scrutiny.

While the public craves to know every detail of a celebrity’s life, they in turn yearn for a quiet and private life. Privacy becomes a luxury they cannot afford.

For instance, Nigerian singer 2Face and his wife Annie Idibia have continuously been in the public eye, even when they try to keep their matrimonial affairs to themselves.

Society places unrealistic expectations on celebrities, demanding perfection in their appearance, behaviour, and personal lives.

The fear of falling short and becoming irrelevant to society can be overwhelming.

Omah Lay, in an interview this year, opened up about his being suicidal after struggling with depression and the pressure of trying to meet up.

While celebrities may enjoy wealth, they can also be targets for financial exploitation, lawsuits, and scams.

These VIPs are highly prone to scandals, which leaves them at the top of the news charts.

The shadow of fame

The pain they experience is often hidden in the shadows, away from the public eye, until it’s too late.

 Afropop singer Mohbad, who passed away recently, has stormed the media with the controversies surrounding his death, as no one knew he was ill-treated or going through pain at the hands of some individuals, and there are allegations that he was bullied, harassed, and assaulted.

The dark side of fame has tragically claimed the lives of many beloved celebrities, not excluding popular legend Michael Jackson. We’ve seen the pain of fame manifest in heartbreaking ways.

Many celebrities are speaking out about their struggles, which reduces the stigma around mental health issues they pass through.

Writing by Juliet Onwurah; editing by Saadatu Albashir