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Council of Builders advocate affordable housing

A major producer in the country announced a reduction in the cost of cement to N3,500 effective from October 2.

Chairman, Registered Council of Builders, Samson Opaluwah says urgency should be used to address the challenges of housing especially for the middle and lower income earners in Nigeria.

Mr Opaluwah in an interview with Radio Nigeria said the increase in the cost of building materials as a result of improved quality of building materials by manufacturers was a major factor depriving low income earners from owning houses.

The Council chairman noted that while the higher income earners can go for luxury materials, the lower income earners should also be able to afford the basic materials for their comfort as well.

On the recent reduction of cement price to N3,500 by a major producer in Nigeria, Opaluwah described it as a patriotic gesture coming at the right time when the nation marked it’s Independence Anniversary.

The chairman of the builders council has however appealed to other manufacturers to follow suite especially with the current economic reality facing the nation.

Reporting by Muzha Kucha; Editing by Julian Osamoto